Group Exercise

50+ Classes per Week – FREE for Members!

With an Ackerman SFC membership, you’ll have access to a variety of group exercises classes offered at different days and times for your convenience. From yoga to spin and BODYPUMP™ to cardio-based, group exercise opportunities come at no additional cost for members.

Non-Member Options

Non-members may pay a daily drop-in fee to participate in group fitness classes. Members enjoy access to unlimited classes each month for FREE. Save by becoming an Ackerman Sports & Fitness Center member today!

TypeDaily Drop-in Fee

Experience the “Group Effect”

Group fitness classes are loaded with more than blasting music, high-energy workouts, determination, and puddles of sweat. Intense block sessions of exercise come with social opportunities, physical benefits and psychological support that may be lacking in an individually-operated workout.

Fitness can be a team effort. After class, group fitness-goers can coach each other, whether it’s a battle with healthier diets or improving form with different types of equipment. The gym is one of the best places to meet those in your nearby community.

Group-based exercise also challenges you to work out beyond your preset limitations. Instructors may notice your fatigue. This is a green light to push you to your perceived limits and override them, unlocking the new potential you yearn for. You’ll work harder as everyone challenges the same goal versus feeling alone in total achievement.

The variety offered by group fitness classes such as BODYPUMP™, Spin, and Zumba will help you stave off boredom and stay motivated. Classes often feature energizing music and the social atmosphere (and the instructor) will keep you accountable. You’ll forget you’re working out!