Nutrition Counseling

Interested in Private Diet Counseling?

Meet one-on-one with our in-house Dietitian who is ready to help you set up a plan for success. Whether you are looking to lose weight or make healthier choices, call us at (630) 317-0130 to schedule your first appointment today!

Everyone can gain from the benefits that a proper diet and healthier lifestyle can offer! A healthful eating pattern can promote weight loss, decrease the prevalence of diabetes, increase sports performance, speed injury healing time and so much more. As partners, we’ll make you a diet plan custom to your day-to-day needs and food preferences to lead a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Fee: $55/hour or $150/package of 3

Meet the Dietitian: Karen Johnson

While regular exercise is a great way to lose weight, improve muscle tone, and increase cardiovascular health, sometimes it’s not enough for achieving good overall health. The foods and beverages you put in your body have a large impact on how you look and feel, and even how you think. Karen Johnson, RDLD, is available through the Glen Ellyn Park District to help you address your nutritional needs and diet concerns. As a Registered Dietitian/Licensed Dietitian, she can create meal plans for you, or offer general advice to incorporate into your daily routine.

Johnson graduated from and interned at Loyola to earn her Registered Dietitian designation. “I like how diet counseling is something that’s part of an ordinary conversation; it’s something to think about every day. Eating healthy requires organization, and I enjoy helping clients discover how they can eat better and become healthier.”

When a client is interested in personal nutrition education, the first step is to sign up through Ackerman SFC for a diet counseling session. “I can contact my clients by phone or email,” said Johnson. “I ask them what their goal is: do they want to lose weight or control blood sugar? Are they dealing with a disease that could improve through better nutrition?  I give them an hour of time, which can be broken up any way they like. We can do one 60-minute session, two 30-minutes sessions, or three 20-minute sessions, whatever works best for them.”

Johnson enjoys providing a support mechanism for her clients and cheering them on to their goal. “I follow up after the initial session to make sure my clients don’t have additional questions,” she said. “I’m here as a resource and a guide. Many clients need accountability to be successful, so I make sure I’m there for them during the entire process.”

The biggest hurdles that Johnson sees her clients deal with are aging and changes in metabolism. “Our bodies change naturally over time,” she said. “We have to learn to be happy with our bodies, but it’s also important to make good decisions and stay committed to eating healthy. It helps my clients to have someone to talk with, to plan and sort through ideas, and then have a follow up meeting. We address overcoming obstacles and dealing with topics like portion sizes and food choices.”

Johnson also recommends that clients keep a food diary to help find patterns, watch for food allergies, and ensure the addition of fiber to any diet. “The more I know about a client’s life, the more I can help them,” she added. “With my clinical background, I can help them with a healthy food plan that takes into account recent blood work and any medications or supplements they take.” Johnson lives what she teaches others, and loves when clients change their lives and get healthier.