Personal Training

Ready to get serious about achieving your fitness goals?

Get that extra push you need with a specific fitness program designed especially for you! Your personal trainer will be with you for every workout, and you will be guided in a safe, encouraging manner to help you be your very best. Take the next step in your fitness routine, and let our personal trainers motivate and educate you to reach your goals! All clients receive a free fitness test and evaluation, including:

    • Body fat analysis
    • Upper/lower body strength
    • Lean body mass
    • Abdominal strength
    • Flexibility analysis
    • Cardiovascular endurance

Personal Training Packages

You will get a customized training plan with one of our Certified Personal Trainers. Training packages are available in 30 minute and 1 hour sessions. Email for more info. Please note, the rates for some trainers may vary from those posted below.

# of Sessions30 Minutes (1 Person)
M/NM Fee
1 Hour (1 Person)
M/NM Fee
1 Hour (2 People)*
M/NM Fee

M = Member; NM = Non-Member
*Fees are listed per person

Sports-Specific Training

Become a faster, stronger, quicker and more well-rounded athlete. If you are looking to push yourself to the next level, our experienced coaches are available to help athletes put their best foot forward whether on the court or the field.

Elite Basketball Training

If you’re preparing for a travel team or school tryout, or looking for that extra edge for your upcoming season, then it’s time to sign up for private lessons from Skill Development Coach Brett Love. Brett has high school and collegiate level playing experience with the credentials to train and coach players to take your skills to the next level and beyond.

Speed & Agility Training

Agility is the ability to change directions and gain speed without losing motor control. Speed can be defined by how fast your feet hit the ground and quickly gets up and out to your next step. In every sport, we use speed and agility, so if you are looking to run a faster 40-yard time or move quicker on the basketball court, this program is for you.