Facility News

Parking at Ackerman SFC & Park

Beginning Saturday, January 20th through the end of March, Saturdays and Sundays at Ackerman SFC will be extremely busy throughout much of the day. Youth basketball and indoor soccer leagues will be held, generating significant attendance and activity in addition to the other ongoing programs and usage within the facility. Parking will be in high demand so please plan to arrive a few minutes early to allow opportunity to safely and cautiously locate a parking spot. Please only park within marked spaces as police will monitor the area on occasion. Read More »

Register by Jan. 31 for Bulldogs Lacrosse

For those unfamiliar with one of the fastest growing team sports in the country, Lacrosse is a clever combination of soccer, hockey, and basketball. It’s played with a stick (the crosse), which is used to catch, scoop, and throw a small rubber ball into the goal (net) of the opposing team. Players don’t have to be big; the game rewards agility, coordination, and speed. Lacrosse is fast-paced, with precision passing and lots of running. Read More »

Personal Trainer Highlight: Eric Su

Like many personal trainers, Eric Su played a lot of sports as a young man. He had well-rounded interests, including football, basketball, and tennis. But after breaking an ankle, which required surgery to repair, he spent time in physical therapy to further his recovery. “Physical therapy opened my eyes to how I could help people,” said Su, a Personal Trainer for the Glen Ellyn Park District. “I decided to learn more about how I could make it a career.” Read More »

Personal Trainer Highlight: Patti Lawler

As a hairdresser, Patti Lawler enjoyed helping her clients discover a new hairstyle, color, or cut that increased their self-confidence and made them happy. Now, as a personal trainer with the Glen Ellen Park District, Patti continues to help people by training them to improve their physical condition, their eating habits, and their motivation levels in their quest to develop and maintain a healthy body and a positive self-image. Read More »

Park District Joins Holiday Lights Recycling Effort

Are you storing holiday lights that no longer work, or are faded beyond color recognition? It’s tough to decide what to do with them – nobody wants old lights and cords to take up space in a landfill. The Glen Ellyn Park District has a terrific solution for those unwanted holiday lights that are languishing in your basement, garage, or attic: recycle them! Read More »